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Hi and welcome to my little piece of the internet! A little about me, I am a mom to three of the most handsome boys around. I am a wife, a proud daughter, and a supportive sister and aunt. I have been writing for over 20 years, and I still get so much joy in creating stories. So look around, see if the story speaks to you, and check it out. You can also leave a comment I would love to read your thoughts!

Cameron Matthews is known by all as a man who can have ​anything and everything he wants - power, money, and, if ​he wants, women - except for Aria Woods. From the moment ​he met her, he knew two things: her husband didn't deserve ​her, and he wanted her more than any woman in his life. So ​when the chance presents itself, he has no choice but to ​jump on it. But will he be well-received, or will it blow up ​in his face?

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Tech CEO James Carter and Hotel Manager Amara ​Jones have an instant attraction, but both know ​nothing can happen between them, though they want ​it to. But when an oversight on a third party's part ​happens, it binds them together forever, or at ​least 18 years.

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After the disappearance of her best friend ​and no help from the police, Amaya Daniels ​goes to the one man who supposedly saw ​her last, Jaxon Davis. What was supposed to ​be an easy mission turns dangerous when ​she begins to fall for him.

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The shadow of darkness can bring beautiful light... ​Arrissa Walters and her best friend lost their ​parents to a fatal car crash eight years ago; ​scorned by the loss of her parents and betrayed by ​her ex, Arrissa hasn't been open to love since. ​Dontey Smith, aka Jayson Miles, lived life on the ​fast track, never thinking twice about his choices. ​And he used Arrissa to get there. But the closer he ​gets to her, the deeper in love he falls.

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True love has a habit of returning, and history repeats itself. ​Choosing between following your dreams and being with the ​love of your life can be challenging. And that is the position ​Jamie and Blake find themselves in. But when tragedy befalls ​them in different ways, they must rely on each other to make it ​through the other side.

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Follow Desiree Holloway and Ramn Norris as they take you on a Journey through their relationship, from their first meeting to their first kiss. Navigating through all the bull to get to the heart of the matter.

Eva Carter-Kingston and Royce Kingston reached the end of their ropes and maybe their marriage. But when tragedy strikes, and they are thrown together, will they remember how it felt when they first met? Or will it pull them further apart?

Burdened by the guilt from her past, Scarlett Hale has to decide if an undeniable attraction is worth taking a risk on. Christian Waters always gets what he wants, and who he wants is Scarlett. As they grow closer and he helps her overcome some of her greatest fears, will he be able to handle the men from her past? Or the woman from his. This story does contain assault and abusive natures.

Athena Carpenter has been in love with Jordan Buckley since she was 12 years old. Through the years, he had always been there for her, guiding, supporting, and even encouraging her to leave the only home she had ever known. But when an event that should have brought them together tore them apart, Athena pulled away, and their friendship was never the same. Years later, when secrets are finally exposed, will they take the step to rekindle a friendship and maybe more, or cut ties for good?

When Abby fell in Love with Pryce at 18, everyone, including her sister, stood in the way, but when she is given a second chance years later, will she take it, allowing Pryce to make up for the lies and hurt he caused? Or will she let the pain and devastation from the years before stop her from being hurt again?

Needing to get away from her controlling husband, Tessa Forbes sought help from Attorney Jackson Haper to handle her divorce. But when her world collides with his, and feelings between them grow, will they come out of the other side together stronger? TW: Abuse

When Sam Carter left his pregnant girlfriend Marianna ​Jones at 18, she didn't think she would ever have to see ​him again. But when their daughter makes a Christmas ​Wish to meet her father, it seems Fate intervenes to ​make that happen. Will Marianna be able to Forgive Sam ​for leaving her? Will Sam be able to make his daughter's ​wish come true?

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Synopsis: District Attorney Evelyn Myers is at the height of her career, and the biggest case of her career was when she received a death threat. When she finally realizes the death threat is real, the man hired to protect her is the "One who got away," Grayson Michaels.

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